Temperature Changes in Greece since 1901

These next days we will have 40 degrees in Greece. Have a look at the above colored chart to see how Greece has warmed up since 1901. Hot is the new normal… It’s getting hotter and hotter like in the rest of the world, and with more frequent hot spells. And unfortunately hotter means alsoContinue reading “Temperature Changes in Greece since 1901”

Greek Orthodox Easter in days of high Air Pollution

Dear readers, I hope you all had a nice Orthodox Easter yesterday! Greek Easter this year came at a moment when the atmospheric conditions were not really favorable to do either fireworks nor open air grills. Yesterday we had one of the worse days of the year in term of Air Pollution. See in theContinue reading “Greek Orthodox Easter in days of high Air Pollution”

Is Saharan dust so bad for our health?

Saharan dust has reached our country again these days, and will be in the air until the end of the month, along with warm, spring temperatures. What’s interesting is that this time the dust didn’t arrive to Greece directly from Africa, because the winds that brought it to us are northerly, not southerly. The dustContinue reading “Is Saharan dust so bad for our health?”

Air Pollution in a city can vary greatly in a short distance. This video clearly shows it!

While riding my bike back home after bringing my little daughter to school along the Acropolis walkway “Dionisios Aeropagitou” yesterday morning, I came across an Air Pollution phenomenon that was so clear that I had to make a video of it. So I rushed home to get the camera and went back to document it.Continue reading “Air Pollution in a city can vary greatly in a short distance. This video clearly shows it!”

Air Pollution can be a very localized issue

I was in Rio (near Patras, Greece, not Rio de Janeiro …) yesterday, standing by the sea with a magnificent view of the Rio-Antirio bridge that connects the Peloponnese Peninsula to the Greek mainland. A cold, northerly wind had brought very Clean Air to the country, which just until a few hours before had beenContinue reading “Air Pollution can be a very localized issue”

The sky is on fire! Warm Air with Saharan dust reaches our country…

These warm, cloudy days with Saharan dust treat us with skies simply one more spectacular than the other these days… Have a look at the Windy map below to see how the dust (in yellow) is blown across the Mediterranean Sea by the southerly winds … Needless to say it, the wind blowing Saharan dustContinue reading “The sky is on fire! Warm Air with Saharan dust reaches our country…”

After the Storm came… Clean Air!

The strong winds and rain (and snow above 1000m in W Greece) of yesterday and today thoroughly cleaned the Air over most of the country, something that was really needed especially in cities like Larissa, Ioannina and many other smaller cities and villages that have been suffering from very bad air quality for several weeksContinue reading “After the Storm came… Clean Air!”

Foggy days

Foggy days in northern Greece. If this might look cool from above the fog – see an article here https://epirusonline.gr/eidiseis/ipeiros/omichli-skepase-ta-ioannina/, the situation is not so rosy below the fog blanket. In fact, fog in winter in or cities and villages means something more like smog (the word comes from smoke and fog, not surprisingly…), whichContinue reading “Foggy days”


What do Athens and the Gialova Lagoon (Pylos) in the pictures have in common, except for the beautiful rainbows? Clean Air! Rain brings clean air to our cities. Most of the people living in Greek cities don’t like the rain, but here is one reason why we should see things differently… Just have a lookContinue reading “Rain!”