Wildfire smoke reached Athens today

The wildfire smoke from a pine forest near Korinth that reached Athens today afternoon reached also the N Cyclades, as it is clearly visible on the PurpleAir map here below. Yet, as tragic as it is to see yet another natural forest burnt down, I want to be the devil’s advocate and remind that inContinue reading “Wildfire smoke reached Athens today”

Air pollution is linked to ‘huge’ rise in child asthma GP visits

What a surprise….. Finally a new, big research backed by clinical data came out to tell us the obvious:Air pollution is linked to ‘huge’ rise in child asthma GP visits. And not only children, but people of all ages, although children are the most affected, unfortunately. Read a report of the study here, and theContinue reading “Air pollution is linked to ‘huge’ rise in child asthma GP visits”

Glorious Mt. Taygetos’ Air!

Since I started measuring daily the Air Quality around me about one year ago, this weekend was the very first time that the AtmoTube portable AQ monitor that I carry with me all the time showed me a 100% clean air. This was on the summit area of Mt. Taygetos, a wonderful 2404m tall mountainContinue reading “Glorious Mt. Taygetos’ Air!”

Greek Orthodox Easter in days of high Air Pollution

Dear readers, I hope you all had a nice Orthodox Easter yesterday! Greek Easter this year came at a moment when the atmospheric conditions were not really favorable to do either fireworks nor open air grills. Yesterday we had one of the worse days of the year in term of Air Pollution. See in theContinue reading “Greek Orthodox Easter in days of high Air Pollution”

Thailand School sets the AQ bar high – An example to be followed

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On Earth, there are over 7 billion people but very few of them have a clear vision of a future and how important air quality is for our health. You will find politicians that are unwilling to enforce air quality laws, you will find educators scared to share with…

Episode 2: Athens, Greece – Wood Burning/Fireplaces

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[EN]This is a bilingual episode. If you want to listen to the Greek version please go to minute 14:52. In this episode, Andrea, who lives in Athens Greece, will share with us his everyday experience with air pollution.The main source of air pollution in his city during winter is…

Where do we enjoy the best Air Quality in Greece – and where do we suffer from the worst?

So, let’s have a look at a question that people often make me: where do we breathe the best air in Greece, and where the worse? The answer is not straight forward and brings some surprises: Surprise No. 1: Athens is not the most polluted city of Greece. Smaller cities and villages, as well asContinue reading “Where do we enjoy the best Air Quality in Greece – and where do we suffer from the worst?”

People working in offices in Greece breathe very bad Air

When you have to work indoors in an office that has this kind of bad air for 8+ hours a day, no wonder that you get home with a headache and dizzy feeling. And get sick too often with cold, flu, sore throat, etc. Two are the problems shown from the measurements of the AtmoTubeContinue reading “People working in offices in Greece breathe very bad Air”

How Air Pollution looks like

Do you want to see how Air Pollution looks like? Here are two pics of the Air Pollution of Athens that was trapped in our HEPA Air filter in the past six months – left is the old filter, right the new one that we changed today. We use these Air Filters to keep theContinue reading “How Air Pollution looks like”

Is Saharan dust so bad for our health?

Saharan dust has reached our country again these days, and will be in the air until the end of the month, along with warm, spring temperatures. What’s interesting is that this time the dust didn’t arrive to Greece directly from Africa, because the winds that brought it to us are northerly, not southerly. The dustContinue reading “Is Saharan dust so bad for our health?”