Athens Air Quality Journal

We start this month a journal whose aim is to picture the daily Air Quality (AQ) in Athens. This post aims at documenting how the atmosphere looks and feels like in terms of Air Pollution, day after day, in our capital. Photographs taken from Filoppapou Hill show the visibility over the city, which is aContinue reading “Athens Air Quality Journal”

Air Quality insights along Agis Emmanouil’s incredible 2421KM Climate Run

Agis Emmanouil is performing the incredible 2421km Climate Run from Athens to Glasgow in order to raise awareness on the climate crisis. Is there a better and most sustainable way than bringing the message on foot, for 2421 Km? Yet, Agis is running on roads that pass from some of the most polluted areas ofContinue reading “Air Quality insights along Agis Emmanouil’s incredible 2421KM Climate Run”

“A Code Red For Humanity”, the new 2021 IPCC Climate Report

Yesterday came out the new climate report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the UN. It is described as “A code red for humanity”. The report has warned that major changes due to global heating are inevitable and irreversible with devastating consequences for all life on Earth. We are now at +1,2°CContinue reading ““A Code Red For Humanity”, the new 2021 IPCC Climate Report”

Athens forests are burning… and thick smoke is covering the whole city

Good morning in hell… The huge wildfire just north of Athens that started yesterday is covering the whole city with smoke and ashes this morning. And outside it is 45 degrees… And for the first time, at last, a governmental warning has been issued to ask citizens to stay hermetically closed in their houses inContinue reading “Athens forests are burning… and thick smoke is covering the whole city”

Global temperatures chart 1850-2020

Here is the global temperature chart for the whole planet, from 1850 to 2020. See what is the inheritance I am leaving to my daughter? It’s so scary…. Just have a look at how fast the atmosphere has warmed up in the past 30 years. If we consider 1850 the beginning of the Industrial RevolutionContinue reading “Global temperatures chart 1850-2020”

Temperature Changes in Greece since 1901

These next days we will have 40 degrees in Greece. Have a look at the above colored chart to see how Greece has warmed up since 1901. Hot is the new normal… It’s getting hotter and hotter like in the rest of the world, and with more frequent hot spells. And unfortunately hotter means alsoContinue reading “Temperature Changes in Greece since 1901”

Wildfire smoke reached Athens today

The wildfire smoke from a pine forest near Korinth that reached Athens today afternoon reached also the N Cyclades, as it is clearly visible on the PurpleAir map here below. Yet, as tragic as it is to see yet another natural forest burnt down, I want to be the devil’s advocate and remind that inContinue reading “Wildfire smoke reached Athens today”

Greek Orthodox Easter in days of high Air Pollution

Dear readers, I hope you all had a nice Orthodox Easter yesterday! Greek Easter this year came at a moment when the atmospheric conditions were not really favorable to do either fireworks nor open air grills. Yesterday we had one of the worse days of the year in term of Air Pollution. See in theContinue reading “Greek Orthodox Easter in days of high Air Pollution”

Is Saharan dust so bad for our health?

Saharan dust has reached our country again these days, and will be in the air until the end of the month, along with warm, spring temperatures. What’s interesting is that this time the dust didn’t arrive to Greece directly from Africa, because the winds that brought it to us are northerly, not southerly. The dustContinue reading “Is Saharan dust so bad for our health?”

Air Pollution in a city can vary greatly in a short distance. This video clearly shows it!

While riding my bike back home after bringing my little daughter to school along the Acropolis walkway “Dionisios Aeropagitou” yesterday morning, I came across an Air Pollution phenomenon that was so clear that I had to make a video of it. So I rushed home to get the camera and went back to document it.Continue reading “Air Pollution in a city can vary greatly in a short distance. This video clearly shows it!”