(CleanAir) Wishes for 2022

I wish I hadn’t seen “Don’t look up”. I can’t stop seeing in my head over and over the scenes with Dr. Mindy (Leonardo di Caprio) and Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) freaking out in front of the camera because of the total indifference of the journalists (and politicians and entire human population) at the factsContinue reading “(CleanAir) Wishes for 2022”

Frequently Asked Questions On Air Pollution

All the questions you’ve ever had on this deadly form of Pollution, answered by scientists all in one place. Thanks to http://www.cleanairblueskies.org. The featured image with the Acropolis shows a plume of smoke over Athens from this summer devastating wildfires.

Wildfire smoke reached Athens today

The wildfire smoke from a pine forest near Korinth that reached Athens today afternoon reached also the N Cyclades, as it is clearly visible on the PurpleAir map here below. Yet, as tragic as it is to see yet another natural forest burnt down, I want to be the devil’s advocate and remind that inContinue reading “Wildfire smoke reached Athens today”

Is Saharan dust so bad for our health?

Saharan dust has reached our country again these days, and will be in the air until the end of the month, along with warm, spring temperatures. What’s interesting is that this time the dust didn’t arrive to Greece directly from Africa, because the winds that brought it to us are northerly, not southerly. The dustContinue reading “Is Saharan dust so bad for our health?”

Our newest Airly AQ Monitor went live today in Aghios Germanos, Prespa!

Today our new Airly Air Quality Monitor started broadcasting live data from Aghios Germanos in Prespa! Find it on the map here. We set it up in Prespa in order to get an idea about Air Pollution in one of the Greek regions located as far as possible from cities and their urban pollution. LogicallyContinue reading “Our newest Airly AQ Monitor went live today in Aghios Germanos, Prespa!”