International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies – September 7, 2022

Happy International Day of Clean Air for blue skies 2022! No one is probably aware of this event in Greece… This year’s theme is ‘The Air We Share’. It focuses on the transboundary nature of air pollution highlighting the need for collective accountability and collective action. Air pollution knows no national borders and is allContinue reading “International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies – September 7, 2022”

Glorious Mt. Taygetos’ Air!

Since I started measuring daily the Air Quality around me about one year ago, this weekend was the very first time that the AtmoTube portable AQ monitor that I carry with me all the time showed me a 100% clean air. This was on the summit area of Mt. Taygetos, a wonderful 2404m tall mountainContinue reading “Glorious Mt. Taygetos’ Air!”

Our newest Airly AQ Monitor went live today in Aghios Germanos, Prespa!

Today our new Airly Air Quality Monitor started broadcasting live data from Aghios Germanos in Prespa! Find it on the map here. We set it up in Prespa in order to get an idea about Air Pollution in one of the Greek regions located as far as possible from cities and their urban pollution. LogicallyContinue reading “Our newest Airly AQ Monitor went live today in Aghios Germanos, Prespa!”

Air Pollution in a city can vary greatly in a short distance. This video clearly shows it!

While riding my bike back home after bringing my little daughter to school along the Acropolis walkway “Dionisios Aeropagitou” yesterday morning, I came across an Air Pollution phenomenon that was so clear that I had to make a video of it. So I rushed home to get the camera and went back to document it.Continue reading “Air Pollution in a city can vary greatly in a short distance. This video clearly shows it!”

After the Storm came… Clean Air!

The strong winds and rain (and snow above 1000m in W Greece) of yesterday and today thoroughly cleaned the Air over most of the country, something that was really needed especially in cities like Larissa, Ioannina and many other smaller cities and villages that have been suffering from very bad air quality for several weeksContinue reading “After the Storm came… Clean Air!”

Jupiter and Saturn (almost) meet in the sky

A photo that I could not take two days ago, when Saturn and Jupiter were at their closest point, because of a cloudy sky. It does not matter so much, I took it today. There are 9 planets (or 8 if you consider Pluto only a dwarf planet) in our solar system. Only one hasContinue reading “Jupiter and Saturn (almost) meet in the sky”


What do Athens and the Gialova Lagoon (Pylos) in the pictures have in common, except for the beautiful rainbows? Clean Air! Rain brings clean air to our cities. Most of the people living in Greek cities don’t like the rain, but here is one reason why we should see things differently… Just have a lookContinue reading “Rain!”