The sky is on fire! Warm Air with Saharan dust reaches our country…

These warm, cloudy days with Saharan dust treat us with skies simply one more spectacular than the other these days…

Have a look at the Windy map below to see how the dust (in yellow) is blown across the Mediterranean Sea by the southerly winds …

Needless to say it, the wind blowing Saharan dust makes our Air less clean than during days with northerly wind. But at least the Air doesn’t stink of wood smoke or diesel exhaust…!

In fact, the homogeneity of the PM2,5 at a value around 40 μg/m3 in the map of Athens tonight indicate that the dust is similarly spread across the city and that fireplaces and wood stoves are for the biggest part off.

Otherwise, if the PM2,5 where from the fireplaces and wood stoves, the map would look more like the situation of yesterday and the previous nights in which the central part of the plain of Athens was covered in wood smoke while the periphery had less of it:

Luckily, the higher temperatures due to the southerly wind (we enjoyed 19 degrees Celsius today…) help people keeping their fireplaces and stoves at rest… so that we can actually enjoy Cleaner Air nights.

No wood smoke = really good news!

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