Glorious Mt. Taygetos’ Air!

Since I started measuring daily the Air Quality around me about one year ago, this weekend was the very first time that the AtmoTube portable AQ monitor that I carry with me all the time showed me a 100% clean air. This was on the summit area of Mt. Taygetos, a wonderful 2404m tall mountain in the S Peloponnese.

100% clean air on the top of Mt. Taygetos

Gives me hope! Also because by seeing how clean the air has been all around Greece these past weeks, it is clear that if we stop burning fossil fuels and wood for heating in winter, and for transportation in general, we will be able to enjoy a very clean air also in our cities/villages and not only on mountain tops.

The beautiful pansy Viola sfikasiana is just one of the many endemic flowers of Mt. Taygetos

Shifting our energy sources towards renewables is going to improve the Air Quality dramatically, and this has already begun. Some countries will get there faster, some slower, and Greece probably lies in the latter group. Still, it’s just a matter of time. Our children, once adult, will breathe a better air than we do right now.

The beautiful and remote Vasiliki Forest, on the southern of the summit area. It is made up of ancient, huge Black Pines and Greek Firs.

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