How Air Pollution looks like

Do you want to see how Air Pollution looks like? Here are two pics of the Air Pollution of Athens that was trapped in our HEPA Air filter in the past six months – left is the old filter, right the new one that we changed today. We use these Air Filters to keep theContinue reading “How Air Pollution looks like”

Is Saharan dust so bad for our health?

Saharan dust has reached our country again these days, and will be in the air until the end of the month, along with warm, spring temperatures. What’s interesting is that this time the dust didn’t arrive to Greece directly from Africa, because the winds that brought it to us are northerly, not southerly. The dustContinue reading “Is Saharan dust so bad for our health?”

High traffic pollution in Athens these days

If you live in Athens, can you feel that typical stingy, acrid smell in the air today (and yesterday)? You can clearly see it on a Purple Air map: I am not talking about the wood smoke smell that we feel at night, which is extreme too. I refer to the typical traffic-related smell rightContinue reading “High traffic pollution in Athens these days”