Athens and the C40 Network of cities aiming at sustainability & Clean Air

All people, no matter where they live, deserve to breathe clean air. Right?

The C40 network puts together nearly 100 cities across the world with the aim of advancing solutions to address the climate crisis & protect #TheAirWeShare to guarantee a future where everyone can breathe clean air.

C40 is a network of Mayors of nearly 100 world-leading cities collaborating to deliver the urgent action needed right now to confront the climate crisis.

Surprisingly, Athens is one of these cities. Wow you might think.

Only that, by first reading the name of its Mayor, K. Bakogiannis, as soon as you click on the webpage dedicated to Athens, you can immediately smell the stench of serious greenwashing….

Really, what investments is the City of Athens doing to improve its Air Quality? Which Green and Just Transition? Can anyone tell me, without the typical big blah blah of a politician?

Athens is member of the C40 cities since 2007. What has it actually done in all these years to improve its ecological footprint?


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CleanAir in Greece is an independent site meant to inform the public about the day to day Air Quality in Greece, with advice on how to protect ourselves from the dangers of Air Pollution

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