Planning on switching back to oil or wood from natural gas this winter? Don’t. Buy a heat pump instead.

If you are planning to go back to burning oil or even wood from natural gas this winter, you need to know that you are going to be back to releasing a lot more pollution in the air. Which is like setting up your town on fire every night.

See the infographic here above. Look at how much more pollution releases a wood stove (especially if you burn any kind of wood in an old stove like Greeks do) compared to gas. 

The question is: do we really have the right to freely pollute the air we breathe so much again, just because we need to save money this winter? When every increase of 10 μg/m3 increase of PM2,5 particulate matter pollution gives us a 22% more chance of developing lung cancer? The hidden costs of continuously breathing air pollution are huge, and we pay them delayed in time to the doctors, hospitals and morgue.

The problem is that no one cares to let us know these facts. If we knew, we would at least feel that there is a problem when we consider burning wood or going back to an oil furnace instead of natural gas.

There is a clean solution instead, look at the infographic again: electric releases no pollution.

If you plan on switching away from gas, do it towards a heat pump (Αντλία Θερμότητας in Greek). It costs 3-5000 Euro. But you won’t ever need to change it again. There are and there will be so many government subsidies to switch to heat pumps, install solar panels on the roof and insulate your house in the future. Because oil burners or wood stoves will be forbidden in a few years, so it is a waste of money going back to them now.

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CleanAir in Greece is an independent site meant to inform the public about the day to day Air Quality in Greece, with advice on how to protect ourselves from the dangers of Air Pollution

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