Where do we enjoy the best Air Quality in Greece – and where do we suffer from the worst?

So, let’s have a look at a question that people often make me: where do we breathe the best air in Greece, and where the worse? The answer is not straight forward and brings some surprises: Surprise No. 1: Athens is not the most polluted city of Greece. Smaller cities and villages, as well asContinue reading “Where do we enjoy the best Air Quality in Greece – and where do we suffer from the worst?”

High traffic pollution in Athens these days

If you live in Athens, can you feel that typical stingy, acrid smell in the air today (and yesterday)? You can clearly see it on a Purple Air map: I am not talking about the wood smoke smell that we feel at night, which is extreme too. I refer to the typical traffic-related smell rightContinue reading “High traffic pollution in Athens these days”

Happy New Year 2021 from Athens!

Happy New Year 2021 from Athens! We enjoyed very nice fireworks at the turn of the year, like in most cities of the world. Needless to say it, Air Pollution had a big spike at midnight due to the smoke from the fireworks. Have a look at the Particulate Matter PM2,5 graphs that show itContinue reading “Happy New Year 2021 from Athens!”

Foggy days

Foggy days in northern Greece. If this might look cool from above the fog – see an article here https://epirusonline.gr/eidiseis/ipeiros/omichli-skepase-ta-ioannina/, the situation is not so rosy below the fog blanket. In fact, fog in winter in or cities and villages means something more like smog (the word comes from smoke and fog, not surprisingly…), whichContinue reading “Foggy days”


What do Athens and the Gialova Lagoon (Pylos) in the pictures have in common, except for the beautiful rainbows? Clean Air! Rain brings clean air to our cities. Most of the people living in Greek cities don’t like the rain, but here is one reason why we should see things differently… Just have a lookContinue reading “Rain!”

The importance of independent Air Quality (AQ) Monitoring Stations – – 1 – Outdoor Monitors

External AQ sensors: sensors that can be placed outside a home, office, school, etc. by anyone. We start this blog with a post on the importance of independent external Air Quality (AQ) Monitoring Stations, which are the most important tools we can rely on today in order to know what kind of air we areContinue reading “The importance of independent Air Quality (AQ) Monitoring Stations – – 1 – Outdoor Monitors”