Greek Government must do more (and quicker) to promote electric heating in our homes

A couple of days ago the Greek Minister of the Environment Kostas Skrekas proudly announced that Greece is 8th worldwide in terms of Renewable Energy development and raised the RES target for 2030 from 70 to 80%.

This is good, but now we need to see this affecting also the energy prices for consumers by finally lowering them substantially.

Citizens must be able to pay cheap electricity bills so that we all can quickly start adopting electricity for heating instead of wood and fossil fuels. Electric Heat Pumps are the best, most efficient and cleanest way to warm up a house.

Have you smelled the air in Athens this morning? It’s already awful. Wood burning has started, and this Airmageddon is going to last for 6 months now. This is unacceptable when we already have 46% of clean electricity produced from wind, sun and hydroelectric!

Domestic heating with wood and fossil fuels is the major air polluter in our cities, substantially more than traffic. If we eliminated this source of pollution, we would save thousands of lives in Greece EVERY YEAR.

Wind and sun give us by far the cheapest energy. So the price of renewable electricity must be finally decoupled from the price of gas, which costs so much more to be extracted. The government must act in this direction too, ASAP. Then the 80% RES 2030 target will have a real meaning, immediately measurable in terms of human lives saved.

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