Cleanairingreece pairs up with the Marathon runner Agis Emmanouil on his 2421km Athens-Glasgow run to record Air Pollution all along his way!

Tomorrow August 11th the Greek Marathon runner and actor Agis Emmanouil will start his 2421Km Climate Run from Athens towards Glasgow, where he plans to arrive in time for the COP26 Climate Conference in November, after a 2421 km run.

He will bring his message to our political leaders in the simplest and most sustainable way, on foot.

Cleanairingreece decided to support his effort by giving him a Plume Flow Portable Air Quality Monitor, with which he will be able to inform his followers about the Air Quality he will be breathing all along the way, day after day.

This is a first, it has never been done before to monitor Air Quality over such a long stretch on foot.

When I heard what Agis was up to, I immediately thought: -“wow, what an opportunity!”.

We can learn so much about Air Pollution from his run. He will be traveling on foot all along so many roads where polluting cars are the main transportation means, and people usually come only second in importance. So I expect that he will be breathing quite a big amount of polluted air, unfortunately. Our AQ Monitor will let us know!

Plume Flow is a portable AQ Monitors that records Air Pollution from Particulate Matter and NO2

Nowadays 9 people in 10 are breathing polluted air worldwide, and this is unacceptable. Almost 9 million people die worldwide every year due to the polluted air they have to breathe daily. Of these, 400.000 are in Europe and over 16.000 in Greece, meaning that 2 people die every hour in our country because of air pollution. This can only change if we stop burning stuff, which will also be the only way to stop our atmosphere from getting warmer. Hence the two things go hand in hand. Lets not forget it.

Run Agis, run! We are all with you! We will be following you all along the way.

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CleanAir in Greece is an independent site meant to inform the public about the day to day Air Quality in Greece, with advice on how to protect ourselves from the dangers of Air Pollution

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